Avoiding Numb Hands – Trekking Bars (Buttefly Bars) Use and Setup (Video)

Have you experienced numb fingers on long bike rides? When your hands are in the same position for hours, and especially if you’re riding everyday for a week or more, the pressure on nerves can made you lose sensation in your hands. Road bikes have drop handle bars, that provide the rider at least 3 main hand positions but mountain bikes, with straight bars only have one although you can add bar ends as an easy way to add a second.


Let’s say you want to use a mountain bike for touring as your road bike just isn’t setup for racks and carrying a lot of equipment. An option is adding Trekking bars which are also called butterfly bars based on their shape which will give you three main hand positions. You might be asking why not just use road bike drop bars? You can but it’s going to take more effort and more money if you want to do it right. You see, there isn’t an easy way to just move your mountain brake levers and shifters to drop bars. You can use road levers but you’ll have to make some modifications to make them work v-brakes. If your looking for a fast and inexpensive conversion, watch the following video:

These are the trekking bars in the video for less than $20 (they show a silver bar but the description is black):


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