Building Core Muscle Strength

As cyclists our quads and calves are the most obvious sign of our conditioning but what about your core muscles, are they important? As it turns out they are and if you want to get all the power out of your legs developing your core will not only do that but also allow you to feel physically better on long rides as you support yourself, using your core muscles on the sadlle and handlebars. Continue reading “Building Core Muscle Strength”

Set a Cycling Challenge That’s Difficult and Use It as Motivation

I sit here writing this on the first of December thinking; “I need a cycling challenge to prepare for. I don’t want to gain weight over the winter, I don’t want my conditioning to decline, I want to start the spring riding season in great shape. Oh sure, I could sit here and tell you that all you have to do is to commit to exercising on rollers or on an exercise bike or get out there and take spin classes or just go to a gym. I can tell you to watch your diet and don’t eat or drink too much over the holidays as if it were that easy. We know what to do, it’s just so hard to get our butts in gear and do it! Continue reading “Set a Cycling Challenge That’s Difficult and Use It as Motivation”