imgp0126 My name is Johnny P, and I’ve had a love affair with bicycles since I was a kid. That first time I rode without training wheels is etched in my memory. The excitement of that first wobbly journey feeling the freedom and balance of the bike had me hooked for life. A piece of wood and a few bricks and my friends and I were all Evil Knievel. Most nights we’d be out riding until the street lights came on.


I not only like to ride bikes, but I like to work on, upgrade and even build them from parts, but most of all, I like to share my love of cycling with others helping someone that is just getting started to experience the joys that I’ve experienced. You might ask me, “which bike you should buy?’ I have eight, and I’m betting you’ll end up with more than one, and I’ll explain why. I’ve “tuned up” more bikes than I can remember, but I like to teach people to do it themselves and the same goes for repairs. It’s rewarding, and you’ll enjoy cycling so much more when your bike responds when you ask it to and you won’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road. There are many choices for components, accessories, and clothing, and they can get quite expensive. I’ll help you to choose wisely as the most expensive option isn’t always the best but in some cases, it will be.

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You see, bicycles have come a long way from those Schwinn Stingrays with one speed and coaster brakes. Bikes are lighter; they can have 30 speeds or more, and there are options for many different types of riding from road to mountain to gravel or even snow and sand. You’ll buy your bike at a bike shop as opposed to Target or Walmart if I have anything to do with it as it will probably make the difference between riding hundreds of miles or the bike just rusting in the garage.

I’ll be blunt and leave out the buzz words. I take that back; I’ll explain the buzz words so you can talk to other cyclists in their own language. and show you exactly what to do to choose, maintain, repair and upgrade your bike as well as how to become a better cyclist. If I recommend something, it means I own it, and I’ve run it through its paces.

Bicycling is a great form of exercise, just ask your doctor. Its low impact on your joints providing muscle building, core strength and aerobic fitness. My favorite benefit is a mental one. When I can feel the wind in my face, smell the trees and flowers and watch some amazing scenery go by, I can’t help but feel happy.

Now if you’re thinking that I’m a light weight superman cyclist with perfect eating habits you’d be wrong. I wish I were, and maybe someday I will be but I’m just your average guy that could stand to lose a few pounds, get stronger and ride faster. First and foremost I just love to ride, and a few extra pounds won’t stop me from going on a 500 mile road trip, riding challenging single track on my mountain bike or just goofing off on my cruiser. I’ve meet my best friends through cycling, and I hope I’ll be able to count you among them.


Be self propelled,

Johnny P

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