The Story of the Logo

Since launching the site I’ve received many compliments on the logo design so I thought that I’d share how it came about. Most websites about bicycling have a bicycle in their logo. The obvious choice but not too exciting. Be Self Propelled, or being self propelled,  is about more than just cycling, it’s about high energy, self motivation and an adventurous lifestyle so a boring logo just wasn’t going to cut it. Being self propelled means that you’re a doer and not just a dreamer. People who climb mountains, climb mountains. People who wish they could climb, just wish. We want to motivate the dreamers to follow their dreams and become doers, it’s a lot more fun!

I don’t have any tattoos but I thought that a tattoo inspired logo would be truly cool. What I based the logo on was a classic tattoo design that has a heart with wings and a dagger through it which typically represents a broken heart with the wingsrepresenting freedom:

Be Self Propelled is about finding your own freedom and courage to follow your dreams and of course, it’s about cycling so I decided to replace the heart and dagger with a crank and pedals. I tilted it to the side so that it looked like it was taking off. To the right is my original sketch. I have enough artistic skills to do a simple rendering but to really have an awesome logo, I needed to go to the master, a friend of mine that I met in high school art class, Mike Andrulonis. He was the kid that had a notebook that Stan Lee would be proud of with a warrior princess fighting a dragon or his own version of comic book superheroes fighting in mid battle. Do yourself a favor and check out his work at Andru Design and if you need design work done, I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. I gave Mike my sketch and just said make it look cool and what you see below is what he came back with. I love it!


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