Who needs a tent for touring? Just add a camper to the back of your bike! You even get shade and a little protection from the rain. We take our work home with us but this guy can take his home to work.

Bike Camper

Photo source: Living off the Grid – Facebook Page

They did have tow behinds in the 50’s which apparently could double as a coffin. Notice that he’s towing it was a single speed. How did he get his thighs into that trailer? He later became the founder of Airstream. Not really, just my guess.

The above photo was found on a very cool site called: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/

I had to take a look on Amazon, they have everything, including bicycle campers:

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    1. Michael, Thanks for sharing your project with our readers. The big question is how much will it weigh? It looks like it would require a motorcycle to tow it, especially uphill. Thick wheels, jacks, lots of weight. Can you provide some insight on materials and construction methods that would make it workable?

      1. Thanks Johnny, Our goal is to make it out of aluminum construction. Our primary research indicates that there are a lot of similar home made campers made out of heavy wood and steel construction and their weight seems to be in the order of around 100 – 150 lbs. There is a very popular one built in the UK called the “QT Caravan” which we discovered is made out of MDF board which is around 70 – 80 lbs per sheet. All of these campers mentioned have videos showing them being towed by a bicycle, sometimes an electric bike. The weight of our camper we are estimating to be much lighter based on our preliminary research.
        Right now our biggest hurdle is trying to raise the necessary funds to have a prototype made of our Mark II design which we feel is the best based on the feedback we have gotten so far from our first design concept.
        People can help us out by going to our IndieGoGo page:

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