As cyclists our quads and calves are the most obvious sign of our conditioning but what about your core muscles, are they important? As it turns out they are and if you want to get all the power out of your legs developing your core will not only do that but also allow you to feel physically better on long rides as you support yourself, using your core muscles on the sadlle and handlebars. It’s likely that your core muscles have had enough riding long before your legs are ready to give up. Bicycling Magazine published a nice core workout    and if you’re looking to ride faster, longer and finish your ride stronger, who isn’t, this is the workout for you. Check it out at Bicycle Magazine – Core Training.

Published by Johnny P

Johnny P has been a bicycle lover since he was a child. He's a self propelled individual with a zest for living. His mother tells a story about finding young Johnny on his tricycle on the couch ready to do his best Evil Kenivel jump. He loves to build bikes as much as ride them. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife where he operates a sales and marketing company that he founded.

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