Insta360 One X – Short 360 Video Example

This short clip is a 360 degree video that I shot with my Insta360 One X. Drag across the image as it’s playing to look in any direction. What I’m excited about is using this type of video when cycling in a group with riders in front and behind me. Should be interesting. The first […]

Fat Bike vs Mountain Bike

You may have heard the term Fat Bike or maybe Fat Cycle but weren’t sure what they were talking about. What is a fat bike and what makes it different from a mountain bike? There is really only one major difference between a fat bike and a mountain bike and that’s the width of the […]

Giant Iguana – Old Frame gets a New Life

  (click images to enlarge) This early 90’s, mass produced, Giant Iguana mountain bike frame got a modern upgrade to become a fun to ride urban commuter. Adding some racks and changing the tires to something thinner will allow me to use it for overnight camping trips when I need to