Insta360 One X Action Video – Lookout Mountain – Golden, CO

I was looking at gimbals to use with my GoPro camera when I came across the Insta360 One X video camera with internal image stabilization. My GoPro videos were bouncy and people would tell me that they were hard to watch, and for the most part, I agreed. The YouTube video below is my first […]

Fat Bike vs Mountain Bike

You may have heard the term Fat Bike or maybe Fat Cycle but weren’t sure what they were talking about. What is a fat bike and what makes it different from a mountain bike? There is really only one major difference between a fat bike and a mountain bike and that’s the width of the […]

Virginia Creeper Trail – Ride Review

The Virginia Creeper trail is an abandoned railroad line that runs between the North Carolina boarder near White Top, VA and Abingdon, VA 33 miles away in the South West corner of Virginia. The trail began as a Native American footpath and was later used by European explorers including Daniel Boone. In the early 1900’s