There’s some excellent mountain biking in the Grand Valley and the video below was shot on the Zippity Do Da trail which is part of the 18 Road trails in Fruita and well worth a visit if you enjoy flow trails many of which are directional in this area. The Zippity Do Da trail is fairly unique with exposure, drops up to 20% grade and just an all around good time. I hope you enjoy the video which I shot on an Insta360 OneX camera mounted on my helmet.

Published by Johnny P

Johnny P has been a bicycle lover since he was a child. He's a self propelled individual with a zest for living. His mother tells a story about finding young Johnny on his tricycle on the couch ready to do his best Evil Kenivel jump. He loves to build bikes as much as ride them. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife where he operates a sales and marketing company that he founded.

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