Insta360 One X Camera

I was looking at gimbals to use with my GoPro camera when I came across the Insta360 One X video camera with internal image stabilization. My GoPro videos were bouncy and people would tell me that they were hard to watch, and for the most part, I agreed. The YouTube video below is my first shot at editing a 360 degree video into a 2D video. With two lenses capturing video all around you, as well as above and below, there’s definitely some serious potential with what can be captured and all of the options for how to edit it. That being said, I didn’t find a lot of tutorial information on how to edit 360 videos online and even the vendor stuff wasn’t very detailed. The Insta360 came with an editor called Insta360 Studio with the designation “beta” on it. It does do some pretty cool stuff but given my knowledge of Power Director I decided that I wanted to learn both. I also need to experiment with different configurations for capturing video to help the viewer feel like they’re in the action. There’s so much to learn and I’m excited about what I’ve seen so far! I’ll share more detail on the Insta360 One X and create a few “how to” 360 video editing tutorials. I’ll be taking the camera to Moab, UT for the Skinny Tire Festival in a week so expect some new footage. Subscribe to my You Tube channel to see it all. As always, Enjoy the ride!

Insta360 One X Camera

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