This is the fifth day of our bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC connecting the Great Allegheny Passage to the C&O Trail. On this day we rode 72 miles from Hancock, MD to Harpers Ferry, WV so it was a long day. At the end you need to carry your bike up a steel staircase to a railroad bridge across the river. It didn’t rain until about an hour after we got to our cabin at the Harpers Ferry KOA. Our day started on the Western Maryland Trail which was paved for about 10 miles. By about mile 16 we were covered in mud from rains the night before.


Enjoy and be self propelled!

Johnny P

Published by Johnny P

Johnny P has been a bicycle lover since he was a child. He's a self propelled individual with a zest for living. His mother tells a story about finding young Johnny on his tricycle on the couch ready to do his best Evil Kenivel jump. He loves to build bikes as much as ride them. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife where he operates a sales and marketing company that he founded.

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