What do you do with an old Rock Shox Quadra fork once it’s past its usable life? You build a lamp out of it of course! This shock came with my GT Karakoram Mountain bike. It was a reasonable shock, rather stiff, but it took a little of the edge off. The shock technology was improving pretty quickly and the feel of adjustable air shocks was just too much to resist and the Karakoram ended up with a Rock Shox Judy and the Quadra ended up on the shelf, until, that is, I decided that it would make an awesome lamp.

Parts list:

One Rock Shox Quadra

One lamp socket kit with wiring from Home depot.

One lamp shade from Walmart.

One front fork bike mount from Performance Bike.

One wooden oval from the Craft Store.

A small can of stain from Home Depot.

Polyurethane coating from Home Depot.

Step 1: Stain the oval base and coat it with polyurethane. A cool option would be to use a large front sprocket instead of the wooden oval. Be sure to protect the underside with felt to avoid destroying your furniture.

Step 2: Drill holes in the wooden base and mount the bike mount to it.

Step 3: Cut the fork tube to desired length.

Step 4: Remove the guts of the shock from one leg. It could be foam cylinders or a spring. The other side can easily support the shock.

Step 5: Drill a home in the base of the shock to route to wire through the leg.

Step 6: Mount the lamp socket mount through the shock tube.

Step 7: Run the wiring through the shock leg and connect it within the bulb socket.

Step 8: Clamp the fork to the bike mount.

Step 9: Add the bulb and shade, plug it in and you’re got yourself a Rock Shox Quadra lamp.

Have you made anything out of old bike parts? If so, please share!

Published by Johnny P

Johnny P has been a bicycle lover since he was a child. He's a self propelled individual with a zest for living. His mother tells a story about finding young Johnny on his tricycle on the couch ready to do his best Evil Kenivel jump. He loves to build bikes as much as ride them. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife where he operates a sales and marketing company that he founded.

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